4 Marketing & Business Secrets of the Least Likely to Succeed Singer in History

He learned to play guitar just to pick up women.

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The 60’s Rock Stars Lived for Music

Just 3 Chords, and the Girls Love You?

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1. Decide You’re Going to Control Your Own Career

Did Buffett EVER Live the “Jimmy Buffett Lifestyle?”

What He Told High Times Magazine

“You gotta be calculating, you gotta bust your ass if you want to do anything. For me, it’s like I can’t be a sensitive artist and still be out here surviving. Certain things have got to be done in order to get where you want to go.”

Buffett’s Shameful “Secret”

More Than Just a Song

How Much is 25% of “Margaritaville” Now Worth?

Producer Norbert Putnam Grilled Buffett About Everything Except Music

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2. Engage With, Delight, Connect With and Entertain Your Fans

“I don’t think they’ll be long-lived.”

Even Without Intending It, Buffett Created a “Tribe” Bigger than Seth Godin’s

Give the People What They Want

“I’m not out to make statements. I’m descended from court jesters, not theologians, and I just go out there to entertain.”

Buffett is Apparently Just a Highly Likable, Can’t We All Get Along, Kind of Guy

Good Friends Stay With Him

The Friendship and Scheduling Snafu that Made Musical History and Buffett’s Fortune

Take Good Care of Your Fans (Even If They Don’t Appreciate It?)

Keep Recruiting New Fans

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3. Have Something to Say Even Though You’re Not a Theologian

Buffett DOES “Make Statements,” but Without Hostility and Self-Righteousness

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4. Survive

Don’t Retire is the Flip Side of Don’t Die Young

“Retire? To what?”

“Don’t ever stop. Retirement ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. There are only so many golf tournaments and chicken dinners. After that it gets real fucking boring.”

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