Leasing Means You Buy the Leasing Company a Car

In return, they let you use it — but it’s still their car

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One Advantage to Buying Back Your Leased Vehicle

You know it well. That gives you an advantage over buying any other used car.

Going From Lessor to Buyer is a Hassle

You will have to get the car titled in your name. Remember: while you’re leasing, it’s not your car. You feel like the owner because you put the key into the ignition and drive it, but, legally, it’s not your car.

Moving to a New State is a Hassle

And some lease agreements don’t even allow you to move. Why would you sign THAT contract?

Holding Cars for a Long Time is the Best Financial Strategy

The longer you own a car, the better from a strictly financial point of view.

What If You Want a New Car Every Three Years?

In other words, you don’t care about saving money. You want the top dog feeling of driving a new car.

The Financially Winning Strategy

In general, the most financially efficient way to buy a car is to buy a used one that’s only a few years old.

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