Why the “Magic” Wonder Pill Syndrome is Making Americans Sicker than Ever

And “alternative” healthcare is almost as bad

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The Historical Roots

Medicine Advanced in Fits and Starts Across the Globe

Meanwhile, Medical Research did Make Progress

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Penicillin Changed Everything

Why Not Come Up With Wonder Drugs to Cure Every Disease?

Common Problems of Modern Medications

2. Addressing a Symptom, Not the Problem’s Cause

3. Side Effects

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So, Let’s Take Supplements Instead, Right?

To Be Fair, At Least Some of the Original Popularizers of the Supplement Industry Considered Them True “Supplements” — NOT Replacements for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Adelle Davis Died of Bone Cancer

Do Supplements Address the Causes of Medical Problems?

The Second Basic Premise of the Supplement Industry

The Third Basic Premise of the Supplement Industry

Supplements are as Reductionist as Prescription Drugs

Supplements Can Have Side Effects Too

It Takes a Lifestyle to Maintain Health

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