Why the “Magic” Wonder Pill Syndrome is Making Americans Sicker than Ever

And “alternative” healthcare is almost as bad

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The Historical Roots

When sick or injured, Og the Caveman was probably impatient to stop feeling hurt and weak, even as the medicine man gave him a smelly hot tea to drink.

Medicine Advanced in Fits and Starts Across the Globe

Healers discovered useful herbs and developed many various theories and metaphysical systems to explain and cure diseases.

Meanwhile, Medical Research did Make Progress

The discovery of microorganisms by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in 1676 eventually led to the work of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch in the 19th century. They determined the actual cause of infectious diseases was bacteria.

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Penicillin Changed Everything

It’s now hard for us to imagine, but less than a hundred years ago, infections from a small scratch could and often did kill people.

Why Not Come Up With Wonder Drugs to Cure Every Disease?

That’s the goal of pharmaceutical companies, and I can’t really blame them for seeing every disease as a nail they wish to sell the hammer for.

Common Problems of Modern Medications

  1. Reductionism

2. Addressing a Symptom, Not the Problem’s Cause

Everybody with high blood pressure gets prescribed a diuretic. These medications do help prevent damage from a spike in blood pressure, but they do so in a mechanical way. By forcing your body to pee out large quantities of water, they keep the fluid in your blood at a low level.

3. Side Effects

Is there any drug that comes without side effects?

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So, Let’s Take Supplements Instead, Right?

I’ve picked on the conventional medicine industry enough.

To Be Fair, At Least Some of the Original Popularizers of the Supplement Industry Considered Them True “Supplements” — NOT Replacements for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most prominent in days past was J. I. Rodale.

Adelle Davis Died of Bone Cancer

Davis was the bestselling author of four books.

Do Supplements Address the Causes of Medical Problems?

Vitamin C cures scurvy, which is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C.

The Second Basic Premise of the Supplement Industry

You can’t get optimal nutrition just from your diet.

The Third Basic Premise of the Supplement Industry

It’s safe for people to take supplements of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional substances.

Supplements are as Reductionist as Prescription Drugs

Whole, unprocessed foods contain hundreds to thousands of biochemical substances that have yet to be isolated, analyzed, studied and tested.

Supplements Can Have Side Effects Too

Overall, supplements are a step above pharmaceutical drugs.

It Takes a Lifestyle to Maintain Health

The discoveries of vaccines and antibiotics were tremendous medical advances. They allow us to defeat the viruses and bacteria that cause the infectious diseases that killed so many people through the early 20th century.

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