Why Trump to Win is a “Good” Bet — from a Gambling Perspective

Right now, PredictIt.org is offering everybody a unique opportunity to win big in November.

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There’re Three Kinds of Bets: Bad, Neutral and Good

Bad bets are when the payoff if you win is too low. Say you’re flipping a coin, where the odds are even, 50–50. When you lose, you pay $1, but when you win you receive only 50 cents. Obviously, a good way to go broke. Almost every casino game bet is a bad bet.

Life is Full of Undefined Risks

Much of life consists of thousands — millions — of variables. We can’t control them — and don’t even perceive most of them. And they interact in countless unpredictable ways.

The Perils of Polling

As we know from 2016, these poll results are fallible — for many reasons.

Why Trump is a Great Good Bet

Back in August, pollsters said Biden had a 71% chance of winning — about the same chance they gave Hillary Clinton during the same period in 2016.

Robert Barnes Won Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in 2016

NOTE: He had to go to Ireland to legally bet on the election.

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