Writing Secrets From the Greatest Advertising Copywriter of All Time

Forget conventional grammar, and discover how to really get your thoughts across to readers

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In the world of direct response copywriting, Schwartz is revered

But if you’ve never studied writing to sell, you may not have heard of him.

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The first thing you have to do Is throw out everything you’ve learned about conventional grammar

To Schwartz, all language is composed of just two parts.

How well you communicate depends on how well you combine picture and connecting words

You’ve probably read the advice to use short sentences. And that’s generally true. Readers can’t handle too many words at once.

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What else you’ll find in this quirky book full of unusual advice your writing instructors will never teach:

The three rules for making prose clear and simple.

Where to buy Schwartz’s books

They are currently in print thanks to Brian Kurtz, the former marketing director for Boardroom Press. Back in the 1970’s, the founder of Boardroom, Martin Edelston, paid Schwartz $2,000 to write the first ad to sell a Boardroom product. In the 1980’s, Schwartz wrote many of Boardroom’s most successful direct mail packages.

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